1. Growing Up

The musical memory that sticks out the most for me is being eight, sitting with my nanna in her garden and listening to her belt out ‘Amazing Grace’. She was so loud and strong and beautiful. Next I remember driving around in my friend’s Kingswood, singing our bleeding hearts out to Celine Dion’s ‘Think Twice’ followed by ‘Enter Sandman’!


I love very introspective, reflective songs. Nick Drake’s albums Pink Moon and Five Leaves Left are just beautiful, as are José González’s Veneer and In Our Nature. I love escaping with Lamb and Portishead on long drives. In terms of what inspires me to write, a lot of it comes from everyday things, like birds singing a certain tune or seeing a friend I haven’t seen for ages. Most of it is feelings that I can’t express any other way, other than writing them in a song.

3.Your Band

Our band is a bit different. Andy met Bruce through drum lessons. One day they started jamming and thought, ‘Hey, this might work.’ I responded to an ad for a singer, then when I met Andy we realised he knew some friends of mine, so it was a really easy match. In terms of music style, I prefer to write soft, ethereal type songs. Bruce has a real bluesy vibe to his playing. Andy is more rock and uptempo and Steve our drummer is a real drum and bass cruiser. It just kind of works itself out.

4.The Music You Make

I do a lot of the songwriting. Actually, Andy and Bruce write too. My songs usually start in my bedroom or sitting in the sun, playing open strings on my acoustic. I focus a lot on the meaning of the music and the lyrics, more so than the technical stuff. I’ve had no music training. The guys usually take my songs and turn them into something. Lately I have been coming up with really trippy, repetitive-type sounds, but I would stop short of saying it’s psychedelic.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

Everyone says it’s tough to get gigs. Well, supposedly it’s not as easy as it used to be and there is definitely less money to go around. The problem is not with the musicians. There is so much talent in Sydney. And the problem is not the venues. The real problem is that people are not going out to see live music as much anymore. But you need to make the most of what’s out there.

See Kim Killspeed at the Rosehill Hotel onFriday June 13 /the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba on Saturday June 21 / Ruby L’otel on Friday June 27.

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