Secret Cinema is back for its first event of 2014. We took five with General Manager Chris Keely who told us absolutely nothing about what to expect this time but piqued our interest with a couple of hints.

What is the concept behind World Movies Secret Cinema?

World Movies Secret Cinema is an immersive film experience that takes the audience out of the traditional movie theatre and transports them to another world. Audiences purchase a ticket to a mystery film in a top secret location, and are sent SMS clues in the lead up to the event. A meeting point is finally revealed on the day of the event, and audiences are whisked away into a world that is unlike anything they have ever experienced before. Everything is themed, from food and drink to lighting and sound. Be prepared, anything could happen…

Tell us about previous Secret Cinema experiences.

Our last World Movies Secret Cinema in Sydney was held on Goat Island. The audience was given maps, survival packs and weapons, and made their way over to the island where they were thrown into a world of chaos and confusion, before watching the directors-cut version of the cult-classicBattle Royale.We also recently held a World Movies Secret Cinema in Melbourne where we screenedHoly Motorsin an aircraft hangar.

Can you tell us what film you’re showing this time?

Sadly, I cannot. Details are so top-secret our staff doesn’t even know.

Can you tell us where it is?

Everything is highly confidential, but I can reveal that this year’s location is by far our best venue to date.

Okay, how about a hint?

This year’s location has never before been seen or used by anyone, and remains untouched – a hidden gem right here in Sydney that people don’t even know exists.

Fine. Where can we get our tickets?

Through NOW!

Friday April 11, 7pm; Saturday April 12, 12.30pm and 7pm; Sunday April 13, 12:30pm and 7pm.

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