Hate You My Mother opens at the Old Fitz this week. What’s the background of the story?

It’s a little piece born of the notion that sex crimes are a bit like radiation poisoning. The repercussions can reverberate for centuries.


How much has femininity changed across the time period the play covers?

That’s a difficult one to answer in relation to this play. These ladies are fighting for their survival. And playing very dirty. They tend to forget their manners. Quite a bit.


Is there a link between the five couples featured in different eras?

There are only four left. We killed one couple off in rehearsal! But there is a prologue in which their ghosts still live. And yes, there is a link. A family line with recognisable traits and even genetic markers.


Is it more challenging to write and act in your own play, or does it give you more creative control?

Well, the bizarre thing is, I still have to learn the lines. Like any other play.


Did you have to explain the title to your mother?

My mother is my sunshine. She’s also very very smart. But I did succumb to the urge to say, “You don’t mind, do you?” I love my mother. Big time.


[I Hate You My Mother photo by John Marmaras]

I Hate You My Mother runs until Saturday February 11 at Old Fitz Theatre.

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