1.Your Profile

Kim Killspeed is melodic vocally and a bit edgy instrumentally. Not too heavy, not too light – hopefully just right. We like to write good songs and deliver them as a band the best way we can.

2.Keeping Busy

The past few months have been spent finishing our first recording, Ultrasound. We did it with (the fabulous) Ben Worsey at Everland Studios in Five Dock, going in for a few hours here and there, whenever two or three of us were free. And Candy recently had a baby, George, a future Australian cricket captain. George came in to the studio for several sessions and made some important judgement calls at critical moments. We always took his advice. We did have one genuine busy moment in the studio – the clock was ticking down during a vocal session and George sent out a message that now was the time for a nappy change. Andy and I told Candy to keep singing and we did the change in the control room. George was very happy with the result, and also with his mum’s vocal take.

3.Best Gig Ever

Because Kim Killspeed is a first time thing for all of us, it’s mildly thrilling to play live and get a positive response, wherever it is. So really, all our gigs are good ones. We’re a little bit innocent I suppose, which I think is nice considering we’re no longer in our 20s, especially me. It’s true that I’ve been playing gigs for decades, but I’m a first instrument drummer. This is my first crack at the guitar onstage, which I find a little daunting when I consider all of the great guitarists I’ve played with, and still do.

4.Current Playlist

I’m very old-school, really. I’m grateful to have seen the Stones, The Who, Elton John, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith and David Bowie. And I saw Santana and The Steve Miller Band from side of stage a couple of years ago. That was an education. You can’t argue with longevity, whether it’s Kylie or Status Quo. I really admire all of them.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

Honestly? We have never had a rider, apart from a drink ticket or two. We are very self-sufficient when it comes to getting a shine on.

Ultrasoundis out Saturday May 30 independently and you can catch Kim Killspeed atLazybones Lounge on Saturday May 30.

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