1. Growing Up

The Brutal Poodles were not born, they materialised into existence. Like Jesus or something. Something about virgin births or something like that? Either way it happened a long time ago, and it was very important. God was definitely involved.


2. Inspirations

The Brutal Poodles, Buddha, Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Allah, The Brutal Poodles, and if we have to include mortals, then I guess The Beatles.


3. Your Band

The Brutal Poodles met for the first time when they were all spawned by God herself. They all looked around at each other and immediately started playing the greatest music ever heard by anyone ever. That was over a thousand years ago. Since then they’ve been generally playing venues in the Inner West of Sydney.


4. The Music You Make

The Brutal Poodles are influenced primarily by The Brutal Poodles. And to a lesser extent Katy Perry and The Stitches. To be honest, they basically just rip off late-era Beatles. They’re currently recording an album through divine intervention from John. It should be available around May, Inshallah.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Sydney has good music all over the place if you know where to look. But The Brutal Poodles all live in the Inner West and don’t like travelling so they usually only watch and play shows there. Their epic 2017 tour kicked off in Redfern and, two shows and 5.3 kilometres on the odometer later, will come to an end in Marrickville on January 28.

The Brutal Poodles play The Gasoline Pony on Friday January 27.

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