1. Growing Up

We both went through a lot of different musical interests growing up. From Slipknot to PPK. I’m not sure how much of each of those phases have influenced what we’re doing know. PPK probably more than Slipknot I’d say, but maybe not.

2. Inspirations

Our favourite musicians changes a lot, as I’m sure most people’s do. So our inspirations change quite a bit as well. A lot of acid and electro from the Netherlands in the ’90s is definitely a big inspiration right now. Stuff from Bunker, Reference Analogue Audio and all their many sub labels.

3. Your Crew

We don’t really have a crew like other people may have. I think we try and search for different artists and records by ourselves. We prefer it that way.

4. The Music You Make

We make a lot of different stuff, from jungle and hardcore to house and techno. Clouds is primarily techno and we try and make our tracks sound gritty and raw. People like Myler, Siobhan, Vereker and Worker/Parasite are making ace tunes.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Right now the scene is savage. there is a lot of great stuff coming out from all over. Glasgow’s scene in particular is wicked, a lot of promoters bringing a lot of great and varied artists into the city. We just went and saw DJ Nobu play the whole night at Unit here in Tokyo. He played extremely well.

Clouds will hit Chinese Laundry on Saturday August 9.

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