1. Growing Up

Growing up there were always instruments around the house. My dad played bass in a few bands and Mum played guitar. My brother came up playing mainly piano and bass and I played classical/jazz trumpet and a bit of guitar also. I always wanted to play the drums and when I found producing I fell in love with the rhythmic aspect of beat-making, which I guess has led me to dance music.


2. Inspirations

The music that’s stuck with me the most throughout the years is early Bonobo and similar vibed stuff. LPs like Animal Magic and Dial ‘M’ For Monkey made me want to produce early on. The music that then made me want to produce for the dancefloor was the stuff coming out of the UK in the 2004-2012 period – labels like DMZ, Tectonic, Deep Medi, Tempa. Recently I’ve been loving the stuff coming from Cassius Select and Cop Envy, who are based in Sydney, who have been pushing forward that kind of UK sound in that 120-130bpm format. Swamp 81 from London are doing a similar thing with the same vibe from the old 140bpm days but progressing it in a new way.


3. Your Crew

I guess I’ve made plenty of friends in Sydney over the past few years. With Translate Sound System we’ve been involved in parties with the Dungeon Events guys and the Yolk/Chipped guys and have done a few things in between, and then recently signing with October Records for a few releases of my own stuff under the new project Endgrain. During the day I try and look busy maintaining virtual server infrastructure for a gas company in North Ryde.


4. The Music You Make And Play

I play a bit of everything, a mix of old and new, with a couple of my own (and friends’) bits thrown in. Lots of UK-flavoured stuff, and mainly vinyl, but I’m starting to warm up to the convenience and consistency of digital.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Sydney has been busier than ever despite the lockouts and the tough environment for venues. The warehouse scene has been going strong, and even though we don’t have as rich a dance culture history as other cities I’m hopeful for what the next few years will bring – hopefully more Sydney-based labels, artists, sound systems and music-centric nightlife!

Endgrain plays October Nights, with Lancelot, Amateur Dance, Mira Boru and more, at The Civic Underground on Friday March 3.

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