1. Growing Up

I feel like my very first proper musical memory was dancing with my family as a young kid to the Prince Batman soundtrack – you know the Tim Burton one with Jack Nicholson’s Joker. The fact that the music came with such a dope film and concept was enough to have me (a massive comic book and superhero fan) completely hooked. Prince has been one of my favourite artists since.

2. Inspirations

Prince as I mentioned, but also David Bowie. To me the whole conceptual part of bringing music to life is one that I’ve always connected with. That’s why I love Kanye today – he knows all about that shit.

3. Your Band

I was in a band (The Melodics) for many years and before that I was in various other live outfits. I cut my teeth that way, not just in a live sense but with songwriting as well. I learnt a lot from the musicians I played with; I don’t play an instrument so it helped me a lot to understand the world of creating music. Now I’m a solo artist and I’ve taken all of that with me. I often play with a live band now but I also rock the show with a DJ – I’ve learnt to love elements of both formats but I really do love playing with live musicians.

4. The Music You Make

I’ve just released my second EP as Grey Ghost. I worked with Matik (Bliss N Eso, Pez, Drapht), Jan Skubiszewski (The Cat Empire, John Butler) and Styalz Fuego (360, Seth Sentry). All these guys are incredible and very diverse and have really helped me to flesh out the sounds I hear in my head. I see it as a blend of hip hop with post-punk and electro influences, with a real focus on songwriting and melody.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

There is a ridiculous amount of amazing music out right now in hip hop and everything else. I’ve been smashing Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, the new Boards Of Canada, James Blake, Policia, Niki & The Dove, The Weekend and about a million other artists. I’m constantly being blown away by the amount of great new music.

As for local music, the same applies: I’m loving what Seth Sentry is doing, as well as Mantra, Horrorshow, Allday, Urthboy, the whole Big Village crew and so many others in the hip hop scene. I’m also really loving seeing Hiatus Kaiyotesmash it internationally ’cause they’ve been around for a long time and it’s great to see it really pay off in a big way. As for where to see live music in Sydney, well it’s gotta be Goodgod Small Club right?

What:The Elixirout now through EMI

Where:Goodgod Small Club

When:Friday October 11

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