1. Growing Up

My parents were really supportive of anything I wanted to try out when I was a kid. They bought me instruments, music lessons and eventually software. It all started when I was around seven, making raps over pre-made beats on a cheap plug-in keyboard.

2. Inspirations

I don’t think anything inspires me more than Skrillex’s Scary Monsters era. That and Pendulum’s Hold Your Colour really got me hooked on electronic music. They’re both so colourful and energetic. I usually get inspiration finding samples or sounds or just making random drum patterns then piecing things together. I like to listen to all types of music though; at the moment I’m really into Flume, ESTA, Mr. Carmack and Lunice. Hopefully one day I’ll make a record as raw and interesting as Nirvana’s In Utero album, that’s one of my all-time favourites.

3. Your Crew

I was always stuck in small seaside towns, which meant I usually had to work alone and was never part of any scene. But I liked that; I enjoy having full control over the music and not having anyone else around me doing the same thing. Most of the people I work and speak with now I met online. I share most of my unreleased stuff with my (currently in Sydney) producer friend Aryay. We tell each other what’s good and what’s bad, it’s a good system. He’s a super talented dude too!

4. The Music You Make

I like to make anything that’s bouncy or weird using sounds that are just unnatural. Lately I’ve been making some really energetic stuff for the clubs, which is so fun to play live! But I’ve got a bunch of other cool beats coming out soon including a collaboration from me and Toronto producer Grandtheft which is out on Mad Decent soon.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

The collaboration between hip hop and dance music is so fun and exciting; it’s so versatile and you can be so creative with it. My favourite stuff to play in my sets would be producers like Munchi, Mr. Carmack, Astronomar, Buku and Baauer. All these guys have their styles so perfected and unique, still something I’m trying to work on. I recently saw Keys N Krates’ live show in Toronto, they turned a ‘trap’ set into a live band performance. It completely blew me away.

See Jackal at Chinese Laundry on Friday March 14th.

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