1.Growing Up

I spent my formative years listening to ’70s funk and ’80s hip hop, working on my breakdancing. Unfortunately we’re yet to work that into The Morrisons, although it may possibly work with a banjo breakdown.


Hank Williams, Old Crow and Paul Kelly, because they’re the best.

3.Your Band

We’re a six (sometimes seven) piece alt-country band from the inner west of Sydney and play a mix of originals and more traditional bluegrass/old-timey/country songs. It began as a bit of a bastardisation of other bands (namely Bellyache Ben & The Steamgrass Boys). We all share a love of playing fast and singing harmonies.

4.The Music You Make

If Old Crow Medicine Show moved to Australia, had better hair and wrote songs about harvesting sugar cane in Queensland, they’d be The Morrisons.

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

The Sydney music scene gets a hard rap, but in our local area (Newtown/Marrickville) live music is alive and well. The alt-country/bluegrass scene here is incredible. Little Bastard are killing it, The Green Mohairs are killing it, bands like All Our Exes [Live In Texas] are making beautiful music and playing lots around town. Spoiled for choice really.

Catch The Morrisons & Friends at Goodgod Small Club on Wednesday June 25, tickets available online.

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