1. Growing Up

I grew up in Campbelltown with a single mother and three siblings. Mum was working two jobs and still making sure my brother and I would make it to footy training and games every week so she kept life feeling as normal as possible. I hated high school and abused drugs so music was my escape.


2. Inspirations

In high school, I heard Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP and D12’s Devils Night at the age of about 15. I was hooked and a massive fan straight away! Not long after, I started recording on an old computer with my mate. What inspires me the most is that growing up it was like therapy for me writing music, and now it’s my job to tell my story.


3. Your Crew

I am still lucky to work with my two closest mates from school, Kerser and Rates. If it wasn’t for them backing me, I wouldn’t have considered doing the music for this long and would be stuck working in a factory I hate being at.


4. The Music You Make And Play

One word to describe my style of rap would be ‘different’. I love to experiment with all different types of music and bring something no one else in Oz would think of doing. Some people like it, some hate but I enjoy what I’m doing. If you buy the album you will know what I mean.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

In my opinion, these days anyone can follow the ‘Kerser Blueprint’. With access to social media, it gives any up-and-coming artist the opportunity to get their music out without the need of a major label or radio play.

Final Notice by Jay UF is out Friday February 10 through Ada/Warner.


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