1. Growing Up

I grew up in a quite musical family – my dad played many instruments in different rock bands and fortunately twisted my sister and my arms to learn a few instruments, too. That I finally ended up in the electronic biz without any ‘real’ instruments took him a while to get over. But now he is OK with it and even a little bit proud (what he would never admit).

2. Inspirations

I love everything of Thom Yorke’s, as he makes it to combine guitars and electronic music in a quite unique and eclectic way. Little Dragon is a pretty young band which inspires me a lot – would love to see them live one day. Depeche Mode – that’s the band I grew up with! Moritz von Oswald’s Maurizio series was one of the first electronic records I bought in the ’90s – I was impressed by the maximum effect with such a reduction of sounds. [And] Ricardo Villalobos – for me he is the most authentic and inspirational electronic artist for our music nowadays…

3. Your Crew

I don’t have a certain crew around. I love being connected in several directions as your inspirations are more wide-ranged with different people. But of course I have some people I always work with – my booking agencies, all the people helping us at Ana’s and my own event series Slave To The Rhythm (VJs, graphic designers, photographers also), my residency Half Baked in London and many more.

4. The Music You Make

My fave top five right now are: DJ Qu – ‘Eden’; Delroy Edwards – ‘Untitled’;Brooks Mosher – ‘Get Ready’ (Fred P Remix); Boulder Love – T.T.T; Dewalta/Voigtmann – ‘Semi Flying Objects’.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I vote for: less hypes, less celebrity cult – back to the music. Sometimes people seem to forget about that…

Julietta headlines S.A.S.H at The Abercrombie on Sunday November 24.

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