1. Growing Up

My parents are definitely not from a musical background, but I can remember that sometimes my father listened to a Wagner or a Verdi opera. I don’t think that my childhood affected my life at all as a musician. I was a real indie kid when I was a teenager, so my first real musical experiences came through that. I adored the Pixies a lot and after all these years I finally came back to them.

2. Inspirations

Brian Eno is definitely the most important figure in my life when it comes to inspiration. He is still a very versatile man and somebody who I would call a true artist. Another Green World was the album which opened my eyes and it is still my all-time favourite album. Like every human being I am inspired by everything which surrounds me, like nature, family, work and everyday life.

3. Your Crew

I do music together with Frank Wiedemann as Âme, and together with him and Dixon we run the label Innervisions. Basically, this is my core family – Henrik Schwarz (from Tiefschwarz) is also a part of it, although he is not directly involved in the label work, but we have a studio together and share a lot of other passions.

4. The Music You Make

I don’t do charts or give away my five tracks on high rotation as this always changes. What I play depends on the situation I am in, and as I am not a fortune teller I can’t predict which tracks the situation will require. Normally I would play something that sits between driving house and techno.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the electronic music scene that I am in is in a very good state, especially over here in Europe. I live in Berlin which is considered as one of the centres of this movement, so I am blessed to be here and have the opportunity to play almost monthly in Berghain, which is one of the very best clubs in the world.

Ame play Circoloco Halloween at The Greenwood Hotel on Saturday November 2.

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