1. Growing Up

Music for me personally has always been a pretty strong foundation in my life. My parents used to own a nightclub in Katoomba called Triselies. I have many memories of that place… Going and seeing all the live bands as an eight-to-15-year-old was just mind-blowing and very inspiring. My parents were both involved in the music scene – my mum, Lizzi, used to play piano and sing for an Australian band in the ’80s called Harpo’s Voice. My dad, Pixie, is a sound engineer and an ex-roadie. He used to work with bands such as Men At Work, Mother Goose and many more.

2. Inspirations

I have a few favourite musicians: Steve Gadd, Bob Marley, Carlton Barrett, Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer, Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Joe Strummer… I could go on for a while. The first time I heard one of Bob Marley’s albums I was amazed, such beauty in what he was singing and the power of the music itself.

3. Your Band

Our band is called Kooyeh. We are a nine-piece band from Melbourne, originating from the Blue Mountains. I find we have become a strong family throughout our journey so far, and everyone’s musical background brings strong characteristics, strengths and creative ideas to the table during rehearsals and live shows.

4. The Music You Make

The strongest sound in our music is built around reggae foundations, although we do add large elements of soul, funk and hip hop.

Soul Cleansing is our first studio release now distributed through MGM’s Good Groove Records. The album itself was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by myself, Papa Richie, Isaac Walker, Jimmy Bowman and Pixie Michael in our DIY studio we built in our back shed. We all have a strong ethic when it comes to playing shows; do it once, do it right. We expect people will have a ball at our shows – expect breathtaking harmonies, a horn section that will melt your face and phat, phat riddims. But hey – come judge it yourself!

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Personally I think the music scene in Australia is definitely lacking compared to other areas of the world, not in quality but in support. With the introduction of programs like Spotify, it definitely makes it harder to make something of this. I, of course, believe it’s all about the music though it does cost money to tour, record, et cetera. These are obstacles I’m sure all musicians face.

Soul Cleansingout now through MGM/Good Groove Records. Kooyeh play Blue Beat, Double Bay on Saturday October 5 and Coogee Diggers on Sunday October 6.

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