1. Growing Up

I grew up listening to punk and hardcore music. My brother was in a band and played guitar, so we would jam every now and then. I even tried to form a band with a few friends, which eventually fell through. 


2. Inspirations

Growing up, Blink-182 were my favourite band – I remember seeing them live when I was about 12 with my dad, still to this day one of my favourite concerts.


3. Your Crew

I started out about the same time I started my first job working for Chinese Laundry – I would be out Friday and Saturday nights every weekend with the Laundry crew seeing the world’s best DJs playing to a packed, sweaty Laundry. This definitely inspired me to get where I am today.


4. The Music You Make

I have a lot of love for bass music. Anything from moombahton to trap and twerk music. I love artists like Diplo and Dillon Francis and local homie Spenda C, so whatever they’re spinning is what you can expect from me! I have two new remixes coming out in the next few months and an EP mid-year.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I recently saw Kilter play at World Bar, that guy is so musically talented. Guys like him, Paces and Hatch doing their live shows is amazing. There is a lot more to the ‘Australian Sound’ than Flume copycats and I’m loving the talent that’s around. 


Nemo is supporting Dose at Chinese Laundry on Friday April 4.

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