1.Growing Up

People always laugh when we tell them we met at boarding school, but it’s strange because as much as we resented it at the time, it was the place where we learnt to live with each other, hate each other and play music together. I don’t know if we would’ve survived the straight edge mentality if it wasn’t for music.


Freedom from constrictions of the mind, seeing opportunity where there seems to be none… Our biggest influence is probably each other as we motivate each other to keep moving forward. The thought we will never be the best we can be brings the knowledge that we will never stop learning and will always continue to grow as individuals and, more importantly, as a unit. The day this mentality dies is the day of our defeat.

3.Your Band

We are just trying to be creative; it’s really easy to get locked down in this big city and concern ourselves with things like paying rent or even what’s going to be our next move. So with that it’s great to see the resurgence in creative culture and counterculture – people lately seem to be open to the understanding that music, as well as being something social, can also bring people together to break boundaries.

4.The Music You Make

We will always be an eclectic band and we will always be a band that is at its best in a room full of sweaty mess. We feed on the chaos. When we play live we like to expect the unexpected.

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

‘The music scene’ is a funny thing; people that believe it’s dead just aren’t looking hard enough. I guess it’s hard to pinpoint any one ‘scene’ these days because people have access to so much more, so as a result there’s such an array of music happening. One thing we are sure of is that things are moving fast, so now, more than ever, people need to express themselves for who they are and not let any ‘scene’ or ‘movement’ dictate that – because once you catch on it’ll be too late and you will miss the whole point of why that movement existed in the first place.

See Lepers And Crooks at King’s Carnivale withFourtunate, Little Sea, Tall Hearts and more atTown Hall Hotel, Newtown onThursday April 10.

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