1. Growing Up

For Yogi in the 80s/90s and Husky in the 90s, we both grew up in very musical households, with Yogi doing music from an early age and Husky’s parents subjecting him to many loud dinner parties.

2. Inspirations

You can’t go past anything from Motown – music with soul and an undeniable groove. We’re often inspired by old school sounds, but don’t mind hearing fresh new talent explore new ways of making old school music.

3. Your Group

We started making music together around 2006, and have not looked back. We both gave up our crappy day jobs to pursue the music industry, full throttle. We live and breathe it, three to four gigs a week, five to six days a week in the studio making tunes, running a label, booking tours, and managing venues. You have to do it all these days sadly, but it’s actually nice to have control of a lot of this stuff.

4. The Music You Make

Anything with soul, but we’re never shy of trying stuff. You can find us in the deep house, nu-disco, soulful house, funky/jacking, hip hop and downtempo sections. Our album is actually a bit of an excursion through these styles, showcasing that we don’t mind going a little left of our main genre, house. Our live set varies depending on the show we’re doing, however we always like to bring a bit more energy to it by having live vocals, keys, effects and a cappellas.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

There seems to be a revival of underground music, and people don’t seem to be afraid anymore to slow down the tempo and focus on a groove, which we see as a great shift, away from the ‘festival, trance house’ that seemed to dominate the scene for a long while. Now there seems to be a resurgence in garage, deep house, dubstep and other genres, which to us spells new artists and new sounds. Out with the old and in with the fresh!

Random Soul play a live set at Goldfish, Kings Cross on Saturday June 29.

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