1.Growing Up

My parents were original punk rockers in the ’70s so I grew up with lots of music on at home, anything from Patti Smith through to Kraftwerk. My mum’s seven-inch collection is awesome but she won’t let me have it! My mum’s sense of rebellion and anarchy definitely gave me the freedom to pursue my own dreams, however far-fetched they were. I really like the punk attitude that can be found in techno music, especially within the UK sound.


So many – I listen to anything from Marvin Gaye right through to Lana Del Rey with some Nirvana thrown in the middle. I do have a memory of listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon with a friend when we were 15 – that was pretty special and memorable. Recently I listened to Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest and absolutely adored it; also there is my midweek blues and beach music. I also find inspiration from the places I visit: the beautiful world we live in, art, transcending feelings. I try to be open to all of it.

3.Your Crew

That would be CLR, Chris Liebing’s label. I mainly do gigs alone but once in a while we all get together to do a showcase – most recently we did the Timewarp pre-party and it was such a great party with lots of good energy. I have been friends with Tommy Four Seven [CLR artist] for many years now; he has been a true inspiration throughout my move onto CLR and with my productions. Chris has also been monumental with his openness and always having time to nurture his artists.

4.The Music You Make And Play

I produce and play techno music – it’s a modern twist on the music I loved from the ’90s whilst growing up in Birmingham. I would listen to Dave Clarke and Richie Hawtin at a local night called Atomic Jam, which is pretty legendary. In the studio I’m generally a solo flier, I found it hard to translate my ideas to sound engineers and producers in the early days and realised very quickly I had to do this all by myself. Within my DJ sets I move through different styles of techno and try and incorporate acid, ’90s techno, some industrial sounds and of course the CLR music.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

The techno scene is thriving currently, I’m seeing more and more kids across Europe get into this sound. I was just in Paris and played at a club called Concrete and it was going off well into the early morning.

Rebekah will be playing at S.A.S.H. Sundays alongside Phil Kieran, Dan Baartz, Matt Weir and Kerry Wallace at Flyover Baron Sunday May 25.

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