1. Growing Up

Growing up, music was definitely a way to create my own kind of identity. Not much about my upbringing was musical, but I was unconsciously drawn to music. Communicating and sharing oneself with others via music always seemed very special to me. 


2. Inspirations

I’d have to say Karnivool are one of my favourite bands. I specifically remember hearing the album Themata and being blown away by it; Kenny’s vocals over those heavy riffs hooked me. I can’t go past Bowie though: his creation and delivery of various personas still amazes me. The ability to provide entertainment that also has a deeper level to be critiqued is what makes Bowie a singularity.


3. Your Band 

The lineup consists of Christian Doyle, Harrison Zatschler, Hugh Blackall, Ethan Mestroni and myself. We’re definitely trying to bring the genre to a greater audience by trying to make it a little more accessible. Most people view prog as the kinda stuff that people with long hair who live in Mum’s basement listen to, which is unfortunate, but I think we can help change that. 


4. The Music You Make

Progressive rock. We’ve played with some great bands – Caligula’s Horse, Metanoia, Opia, Hemina, Circles, James Norbert Ivanyi, Orsome Welles, Mercury Sky, Aura Animi, et cetera. Our debut album Ad Infinitum is out now, so we’ll be gigging that now. We pride ourselves on sounding as near to the same live as we sound on CD, whilst still delivering an energetic performance. Both elements need to be present.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now 

It’s barely living, it’s fickle. People don’t seem very responsive to new sounds or change. But I think it’s up to the musician to bring people around to their sound. Anything that challenges people to get out of their comfort zones, even when it comes to the music they consume, is met with a bit of hostility at first, but in time, good bands get recognition – I mean, look at Caligula’s Horse now. Success comes to those who keep pushing for something different. That’s what prog is all about, that fine line between accessible and challenging to the listener. It’s what makes prog interesting!  


[Sevsons photo by Hayden Nixon]

SevsonsMetanoia, Aura Animi and Johnathan Davis, appear at The Bald Faced Stag on Friday March 24.

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