1. Growing Up

I grew up with jazz music, because my father was – or still is – totally addicted to it! Maybe this inspired me a bit but I didn’t really like it when I was young, so I started to play guitar and listen to bands like Joy Division or Talking Heads.

2. Inspirations

I totally love Joy Division and still listen to their album once a week; I like music with melancholic emotions.

3. Your Crew

On the label side, I work a lot with my homeboy Sidney Charles and I have lots of musician friends who I’m working with on my new tunes. When I moved to Berlin I was hired as a composer for TV and commercials in a big commercial studio – that’s what I did as a day job – so I have been living in music for a long time.

4. The Music You Make

It’s some energetic house and techno. It always depends on the crowd and on my mood. I think this is what DJing is all about: reading the crowd and playing some exciting tunes.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

The scene and the electronic music is growing and growing, and that’s what I really like. Nowadays, many people want to become a DJ or producer so you need to try and produce a lot to become top in the game. It’s a process which never ends.

Mantra Collective & Strange Fruit present Sante at The Abercrombie Hotel on Saturday November 9.

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