Foster The People’s sophomore album, Supermodel, arrives almost three years after its predecessor, Torches. For their latest effort, Marcus Foster has cited influences from West African music to David Bowie and The Clash.

‘Coming Of Age’ is the lead single, and one thing that stands out is the new focus on guitar. Exuberant riffs are layered on top of the LA trio’s signature upbeat tempo; a twist to their familiar and well-loved indie pop style. ‘Nevermind’ is a gorgeous tune that features wistful acoustics, seeing the band step out from the pop logic of their previous album. ‘The Truth’ is an MGMT-esque track with heavy-handed key progressions and drifting falsettos. Closing track is ‘Fire Escape’, a stripped-down acoustic tune with gorgeous harmonies and lyrics delivered with a raw vulnerability. It really is a beautiful track, and quite unexpected.

Considering bands that experiment with their sound risk isolating existing fans, Supermodel is an artful continuation of Foster The People’s exquisite production value and indie dance-pop.

The album is a strong follow-up to the band’s debut, and their commitment to exploring different soundscapes has certainly paid off.

4/5 stars.

Supermodel is out now through Culumbia/Sony

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