We can’t get enough of horror films over here at the BRAG – but you probably knew that already, hey? What was it that gave it away? Was it the 4,000 word feature we ran on Aussie horror? Was it the time we called The Exorcist a perfect film? Or Raw a masterpiece?

Anyway, it stands to reason given our history that we are also massive fans of horror video games, and, in particular, the excellent new Friday The 13th: The Game. It’s been available digitally for a little while now, so we’ve had our chance to stomp our way through the brutal Camp Crystal Lake, and have variously: A) trembled in fear at the sight of Jason, and B) trembled in sheer, unadulterated pleasure when we got to play as Jason and slaughter a bunch of innocents.

But now, the game is out in a physical edition, one that contains an exclusive Jason skin and counselor clothing pack, so you can customize your poor doomed counselors before they get variously disemboweled.

Excitingly, we have three physical copies of the game for PS4 to give away. To enter, just fill in the below, won’tcha?

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