1. Growing Up

I grew up in a fairly musical house. My uncle was always playing guitar in the kitchen and the CD player was always on. Still when I go home the first thing I hear is music blaring before I step in the door. My mum had me play instruments when I was young but none of them really stuck. Rapping was the cool thing to do in my suburb (Blackwood in Adelaide) so that’s what I did.


2. Inspirations

I’m always checking new music and taking little bits of inspiration. Growing up I loved Big L, Talib, Eminem, MF Doom, Wu-Tang Clan… Those were the years of Fubu shirts and baggy jeans. Then for a couple of years all I listened to was neo-soul like Maxwell and Dwele. Then it was only indie rock for a while. Now I listen to all kinds of different stuff. My favourite rapper is Drake. A lot of people find that weird but yeah, he’s my favourite.


3. Your Crew

I’m a solo artist but there are a lot of people who help me do what I do. I have two managers and a booking agent who handle the business side of things. My friend Charlie records and mixes all my work. It’s good having a friend who understands your vision for the music. He plays a huge part in the process. Then there’s my DJ Mikey Hundred who comes on tour with me. Not to mention all the producers I work with.

My best mate is a rapper from Adelaide called Dialect. He was like a child prodigy battle rapper and he used to win rap battles when we were like 14.


4. The Music You Make

I make hip hop… kind of. Sometimes it’s hip hop and sometimes it’s other stuff. I sing a lot, it’s usually pretty bad but I’ve got Auto-Tune for that. Sometimes I rap on garage or house music, often traditional hip hop-sounding beats or anything in between. I’d like to say it’s a mix between Frank Ocean, Nirvana and Talib Kweli. Basically it’s rapping and music, not rap music.


5. The Last Record You Bought

I think the last thing I bought was Kanye West, Yeezus. I’ve loved every Kanye album to date. So when Yeezus came out I bought it straight away. I really don’t think it’s his best work (surprise, surprise) but there are some really amazing songs on there. I don’t want to say anything bad about it because I haven’t made music nearly as good as Kanye yet, so I don’t deserve to critique him.


6. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I love the music scene at the moment. Australia and New Zealand have some of the coolest acts in the world right now. We always have and we probably always will.


‘Soon I’ll Be In Cali 2’ mixtape out now. Allday supporting Illy at the Metro Theatre on Saturday September 14.

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