Future chiptune musicians and fans can get a bit excited as the Chip Music Festival circuits Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Anyone who ever told you that your Donkey Kong habit was a waste of time is about to be put over a barrel. This festival gives gamers (and anyone else interested) the opportunity to attend free workshops and learn how to create chiptune music in a circuit bending workshop.

There will also be live performances from Sabrepulse(UK) (pictured),The J. Arthur Keenes Band (Can) andgodinpants. Just bring along your GameBoy or LSDJ Cartridge and get looping. Who knows, with enough ‘Alice Practice’ you may just end up with a fistful of quarters one day.

This event will be held at Campbelltown Arts Centre on Saturday April 5 from 1pm. Tickets to the live performance ($10) are available through the Campbelltown Councilwebsite.

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