Screen icon Isabella Rossellini is coming to Australia to perform her new and wonderfully odd stage show Green Porno, a one-woman comedy about mating in the natural world.

In Green Porno, Rossellini delves into the sex life and mating habits of a number of land and marine animals – the snail, the worm, the fly, the shrimp, the deadly spider, the praying mantis, the anchovy and the bi-phallic snake.


Green Porno originally began in 2008 when Robert Redford encouraged Rossellini to create short environmental films for his Sundance TV Channel. 


The critically acclaimed short film series ran for three seasons and saw Rossellini dressed in a stunning variety of insect and sea-creature costumes as she described and enacted the mating rituals of various wildlife. A book followed and now, the stage adaptation, which has its world premiere in Los Angeles in November 2013.


Written by Rossellini – who is currently studying animal behaviour at Hunter College in New York – and Jean-Claude Carrière, Green Porno mixes live performance with several of the short films. Each story, read and performed on stage by Rossellini is scientifically accurate and in each of the films she presents herself as a particular animal.


Isabella Rossellini performs at ŸCity Recital Hall, Angel Place on Saturday March 22 and Sunday March 23. Tickets are available City Recital Hall website.


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