Having just visited Australia for a series of sold-out shows, we’re all left wanting more from the Seinfeld creator and stand-up legend, and Netflix is about to give us just what we need to fend off those cravings, with the first of two comedy specials having just been announced.

Seinfeld had signed on with Netflix earlier this year to bring 24 new episodes of his interview series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to the platform, as well as two stand-up specials, and now some teasers have arrived for the first of those two, ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’.

Along with old home-movie footage, the special sees him head back to NYC stand-up venue The Comedy Strip, one of the spots that helped him get noticed all those years ago before Seinfeld made him a household name, to perform some of his earliest material.

As you can tell by the descriptions below, you can expect the jokes to deal with classic Seinfeld topics we’ve been shown at the beginning and end of every episode, like rocking up to a party when everyone’s already left, or the miserable lives of socks.

Seinfeld was also responsible for another moment of brilliant comedy when he rejected a hug from singer Kesha in brutal fashion, making for one of the most unintentionally hilarious yet uncomfortable moments of the year – one that she later admitted was her fault.

We recently took a look back at how Seinfeld’s comedy evolved throughout the years on various talk show appearances and stand up specials, and it makes for a fascinating watch to compare his old jokes being delivered in his early style, compared to how he delivers them today with all the experience, confidence (and success) in the world behind him.

The new special is due on Netflix on September 19, but you can check out some snippets below.

You go to a party, there’s nobody there. ‘Where’d everybody go?’ ‘They left!’

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Socks hate their lives, we know that.

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I’m only one finger away from a compliment.

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Easy, easy, easy…

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