Jimmy Carr is one of those comedians where, if you ran a PC-pen through his material, he’d pretty much be left with a solid four minute set.

But that disregard for political correctness is exactly what’s made him one of the world’s most beloved comedians; the disconnect between his chirpy, ventriloquist dummy demeanor and the cruel, uncensored things that come out of his mouth makes it all even funnier. His quickfire delivery means that if a joke offends you, there’s another on the way – Carr once estimated he writes between 300-400 jokes for each set.

Here’s my favourite joke of his (told to a London audience). “Did you know you’re ten times more likely to be hit by a car in London than you are in New York? That’s because you don’t live in New York.”

He is touring Australia early next year, playing the State Theatre on Tuesday January 9. Tickets go on sale 9 am Monday, 9th October.

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