With his shiny new EP Not Built To Last in hand, expat Melbournian Jordie Lane is taking the long haul flight from his adopted base in Los Angeles back to Australia for a two-month tour. After three years in the States, and having spent much of this year on the road, it’s looking like the best chance Lane will have to enjoy some time in the land of his birth.

“[California] really has become home in as much as any place can become home for me at this point,” Lane says, sounding surprised himself. “I’ve been there for a while now but I spend so much time travelling anyway that having a home base is a bit strange for me. The thing that has surprised me is how happy I am to get back there. Even when I go to different parts of America – and for all that LA isn’t the prettiest or even the most well laid-out city – I still get excited when I find myself heading back.

“The difference I’ve noticed over there – it’s not that there’s necessarily more money going around, it’s not that people are getting paid a lot more, but there is a greater level of professionalism,” Lane says. “That comes through at every level to from engineers to session players to journalists. I found that back in Melbourne a lot of time got wasted because people weren’t confident enough to just say, ‘This is what I’m gonna do,’ whereas when I got into the studio with my producer in Nashville and then with the band it was like a train moving forward; decisions just got made quickly and things got done. The band are all based in Nashville but I will get to play with them at some point. I only really met most of them just before we went in to record.”

With his previous releases building on each other in both quality and success, Lane is a hard-working songwriter who relies on more than just lithe tales and simple chords to breathe life into his complex, folk-inspired tales. He adds that the professionalism of those around him in the States seems to breed enthusiasm, which, in turn, produces more opportunities. “I find that it’s not just the musical opportunities that I’m enjoying over there but also a whole range of creative pursuits. There just seems to be a whole lot more going on, and it’s great to be able to be a part of that with various friends that are involved in theatre and visual art and all these other mediums.”

But what about us? Australia has missed Mr Lane – and he in return, us – and though you never quite know how many people will be joining him onstage, he assures he’s bring out some old faithfuls for this tour. “I’ll be playing with [my] Melbourne band for some of this tour back out in Australia, so it’s going to be really interesting to hear the music that was recorded with the Nashville band played with the Melbourne band. I’m really looking forward to getting back into a room and playing with those guys, though. The thing I’m not looking forward to is trying to pack my life into suitcases and making sure I have everything I need for two months. The next day is stressing me out quite a lot.”


Jordie Lane plays The Basement with Old Man Luedecke on Saturday November 16.Also playing Sunday November 17 at Grand Junction, Maitland; Monday November 18 at The Music Lounge, Brookvale; Wednesday November 20 at Lizotte’s Central Coast; and Thursday November 21 at Lizotte’s Newcastle.

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