A big feature of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival every year is the post-parade Mardi Gras Party. As is the norm, this year the eager fun gluttons celebrating sexual, sensual and individual freedom will be entertained by some of the best party DJs in the biz. One of the headliners, New York dance musician and former Hercules and Love Affair member Kim Ann Foxman, is anticipating an ecstatic event.

“For me the crowd is everything and I do thrive so much off the vibe,”she says. “I’m really excited to play the Sydney Mardi Gras because I know that crowd is going to be going wild.”

A quick scan over Foxman’s credentials proves she is the perfect woman to preside over the dancefloor on the night. The New Yorker performs all over the world year-round, recently selling out shows in electronic music hotspots Germany and Chicago. Foxman emphasises she certainly won’t be running on autopilot at the Mardi Gras Party. “I think it’s really important to feel things in the moment, feel the crowd,” she says. “It all depends on the vibe in the moment. There is no way to plan that. Planning to me doesn’t work well and it’s very one-sided. Plus, it’s not as fun.”

Foxman’s malleable approach to DJing – staying alert to the mood of the gathered partygoers – is likely to make the night an extra special experience. She explains that she isn’t afraid to experiment during her sets either. “I do all my mixing live. It’s not done for me by syncing a computer. I’d personally be bored just pressing a button. Sure, the computer makes a perfect mix, but it all sounds and feels so linear and so sterile. I enjoy the thrill of working to keep it tight. It keeps it fun that way.”

Foxman’s willingness to work constantly throughout her sets is mirrored in her attitude to studio work. On top of her formidable touring itinerary, she has intermittently released solo singles over the past few years. Soulful house gems such as ‘Creature’ and ‘Return It’ have listeners begging for a full-length album, but they may have to wait a while.

“I’ll release an album when I’m happy with the story as a whole,” she says. “I have plenty of work but there is no rush. I may take those songs I’ve done and release them as singles instead. I also have another new project I’m working on as well. For me it’s about making as much as Ican, having plenty to choose from and when I feel the story is right then I’ll present it.”

As for what to expect from this new material she’s working on, Foxman says her stylistic palette isn’t limited. “Idon’t like to confine myself to one thing or pigeonhole myself in any way.I can make songs that have a more chill, sing-along [vibe], and at the other end of the spectrum make songs or remixes that are banging moody acid vibes. I like to keep it open and, at the same time, honest.”

With such a broad repertoire of styles to choose from, Foxman is destined to cause a sweaty scene in Sydney this year. And even though her gig schedule rarely allows any time for rest, she’s very excited about the trip Down Under. “I love Australia. I’m looking forward to seeing the beach, eating out, enjoying time with friends. I’ll also be celebrating my birthday – yay!”

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