If you expected Kingswood to return with an album reminiscent of their 2014 debut, Microscopic Wars, then you may be initially disappointed by what you’ll find on its follow-up.

However, fear not: After Hours, Close To Dawn forges a completely new road for the band, and despite being an eclectic mix of genres, instruments and styles, it works. Beautifully.


The opener ‘Looking For Love’ sets the tone early, capturing more of a heartfelt blues sound in contrast to the usual thrashing drums and heavy guitars these Melburnians are so fondly known for. 


And although they haven’t completely abandoned their old sound, with tracks like ‘Creepin’ and ‘Library Books’ serving a reminder of just how good frontman Fergus Linacre’s voice can be, the rest of the album offers plenty of surprises. 


There are standout tracks aplenty: ‘Belle’ sounds like Fleetwood Mac dating The Doors, ‘Big City’ weaves a sad-sounding, almost folky tale and ‘Like Your Mother’ rocks out thumping beats straight from the US circa 1969 – if this track doesn’t get you on the dancefloor gyrating your hips, then God knows what will. 


After Hours, Close To Dawn is full of fresh, exciting sounds that’ll keep you up all night.

Kingswood’s After Hours, Close To Dawn is out now through Dew Process.

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