Reviewed on Friday October 25

“We need more drunken panty throws and whatnot!” – were the words hollered into the mic as we entered the doors of the uni bar. I knew I was in the right place. This was going to be fun.

This was Korpiklaani’s inaugural gig in Sydney and Trollgasm, the Dubbo-based Scandinavian/mythological metal band were on the stage, where lead singer Tim Read had control of the mic. The room was full of your standard metalhead, student crowd: a sea of Metallica and System Of A Down t-shirts, dreadlocks, mohawks and facial piercings – and one random blonde chick with a My Little Pony backpack.

The crowd had started out mellow but Read was taking it in his hands to get the party started. “This one is about beer,” went his introduction to the next tune. “And by the way, I want to see motherfuckers dancing!” he exclaimed, as they hit off their latest party song, ‘Humppa Humppa!’ The night had officially begun and plenty of alcohol both on and offstage began to flow.

Wollongong’s Troldhaugen hit the stage next, performing high-energy songs from their debut album Ramshackle. Kicking things of with a black metal cover of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’, things only got better and the crowd rowdier as the night progressed. Looking a little like crazed circus freaks with wide eyes and wild movements, Troldhaugen mesmerised the room.

Beer bongs, shots and more beer – and that was just the support acts.

After a lengthy intermission of sound checking and time for a little more drinking the six-piece Finnish folk rocking metalheads Korpiklaani made their grand entrance. Like an all-out pirate gypsy metal hoedown the room was full of thrashers, folk dancing, jumping, stomping and, well, more drinking, as Korpiklaani performed a slew of hits including ‘Vodka’, ‘Tequila’ and ‘Wooden Pints’.

The highlight of the night came during Korpiklaani’s encore as they performed obvious crowd favourites ‘Happy Little Boozer’ and ‘Beer Beer’. Lead vocalist Jonne Järvelä, visibly stoked with the night, left the crowd with the promising words, “It is our first time out here, but definitely not the last time.”


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