This lovely four-track EP bubbles with promise for this Sydney band, and is a great little capsule of sound illustrating their progress over the past three years.

Since 2010, Louis London have worked steadily and taken the time to carefully craft and develop a distinguishable indie rock sound. The Big Deep is a tasty little morsel of what’s to come with their inevitable album release some time in the near future.

‘Grand’ opens with a gentle rocking and gorgeously crunchy guitar riff, over which lead vocalist Ed Saloman spins his beautifully sad lament. The track rolls out with its steady tempo and catchy hooks, making it incredibly easy to listen to and endlessly playable.

These boys have a knack for writing a damn good tune, stopping just short of repetitive indie rock, and ‘We’re Not Alone’has wonderfully summery vibes from the guitar reverb and a good old sing-along chorus – think Beach Boys gone Kings Of Leon, but in a good way.

Penultimate track ‘This Night Time’ is the single that brought the band to broader public attention in September, and is a little more downtempo than the first two tracks. It’s great to hear the range in Saloman’s vocals on this one, and impressive percussion dexterity from Jack Kiddell. Rounding off the EP, the laid-back attitude of ‘Raise The Crown’ holds some tantalising promise for more to come from this young band.

Overall, it’s a great little taster of what Louis London have in store for us. Well-produced and written with true musicians’ ears, and just the right amount of heartstring tugging, this EP is a winner.

4/5 stars


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