Two things of note happened to Luca Brasi in 2013, both of which ended up setting the scene for their second album. The first was that they lost two long-time members in guitarist Mitchell “Dobby” Dobson and drummer Saxon Hall. The second was when, shortly after that, the band undertook a national tour with Australian pop-punk veterans Bodyjar.



By A Thread, consequentially, is fresh in both its lineup and its approach. Although the triple-guitar attack is gone, the dual efforts of Tom Busby and Patrick Marshall more than make up for the absence of the extra six strings. New drummer Danny Flood, too, oozes technical proficiency and drives the songs with confidence. That’s where the Bodyjar matter comes in – the brisk pacing, clenched-fist choruses and the endearing spirit that is prevalent throughout Like A Thread provide an easy parallel to draw with, say, No Touch Red or How It Works


Although some of the edges of their previous work have been scuffed out here in favour of richer melodic hooks, it’s by no means a deterrent – it indicates a progression for the band, and one that will certainly strengthen Luca Brasi’s foundations.


4/5 stars


By A Thread out now on Poison City.

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