DISCLAIMER: McDonald’s are an evil, multi-national corporation who have systemically and single-handedly caused much environmental, emotional, and existentialist damage.

However, free cheeseburgers are free cheeseburgers, and if McDonald’s are going to invent something named National Cheeseburger Day, and use this invented day to give away cheeseburgers, then who are we to deny such an effort to atone for the many years of horror? A mere marketing ploy, you say? That might be so; it’s a moral pickle for sure.

To redeem your free cheeseburger today, download the mymacca’s app which is available on Android and iOS, and which you can find yourself.

You have to order something else in order to score your freebie, and the offer is limited to the first 100,000 people to hit up the app after 10:30am today , but as Lifehacker point out you can just grab a packet of mayonnaise for 30c. It sounds like a good deal, and we are always fans of free food which involves minimal effort on the customer’s behalf.

Good luck.

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