Comfort is a debut that keeps on giving; each track oozes a classy, innovative touch that’s fresh and interesting. Resisting hitting repeat is futile.

London based DJ/producer Maya Jane Coles has been gradually popping up on festival bills across the globe, collecting accolades such as Queen of the Underground from dance titles like Mixmag, not to mention a neat swag of critically lauded singles and a DJ Kicks compilation under her belt.

Thankfully, the wait for an LP from this precocious producer is over, and Comfort showcases the enchantingly melodic, shimmering brand of house Coles has honed to perfection. Complex without being pretentious, shamelessly smooth and with a darkly charming landscape that steals the best elements from right across dance music, Comfort is, quite simply, Coles putting her best foot forward.

Lead single ‘Everything’ featuring Karin Park is rooted in pure house groove; Park’s vocals are eerily reminiscent of The Knife’s Karin Andersson. Coles tentatively straddles pop sensibilities to great success, with Park’s vocals lending just enough quirkiness and uniqueness to keep it from going too far into mainstream territory. The same ethos is applied to ‘Burning Bright’ featuring Kim Ann Foxman, a track that couldn’t match its title more if it tried.

Meanwhile, ‘Blame’ featuring Nadine Shah makes for mournfully beautiful listening; dub influences creep in and out and Coles keeps this one so elegantly restrained that you can’t help but become utterly entranced as the melody and aching vocals lure you in.

Tricky also makes an appearance here on the slow burning ‘Wait For You’, but it’s nowhere near the highlight – especially when you have the stunning, almost jazz-tinged punch to the heart that is ‘When I’m In Love’ featuring Thomas Knights, which follows.

4/5 stars


Comfort is out now through I/AM/ME.

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