Metallica Through The Never is a 3D motion picture delivering the band’s state of the art stage show and legendary performance. Coupled with a hallucinatory ride through Vancouver streets and a thumping soundtrack, this movie also soaks the audience in explosive sound and a violent end of a day’s imagery.

A young roadie, Trip (Dane DeHaan), is given a mission to retrieve an unknown essential item from a truck in distress. What follows is the story of what unfolds around him. Rioters and police battle each other, all avoiding a henchman on horseback. Trip is left with only his wits to overcome a seemingly inevitable fate. DeHaan successfully delivers impressive expression and realistic emotion in this non-verbal role.

Founded on an interesting concept, the film is split between the stunning pyrotechnic stage show Metallica delivers all too easily and Trip’s savagely surreal quest. Director Nimrod Antal clearly had a vision for Metallica Through The Never, examples by effortlessly linking the bands’ songs with plot.

And seeing the film in 3D elevates things to a new level by allowing the audience to be up close with the action whether it be onstage sharing a phenomenal backdrop or by accompanying Trip in his brutal scenes.

Although doubtful the film will entice any new fans to the world of Metallica, diehard fans and metal fans in general will love it. While the story lacks a bit of weight, Metallica Through The Never holds you tight in its apocalyptic horror movie embrace.

3/5 stars


Metallica Through The Never is in cinemas now.

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