The Japan Foundation Of Sydney will presentNoh To Now,a brief history of Japan’s most popular traditional art form at theArt Gallery of NSW.

Often featuring elaborate make up and costumes, the traditional Japanese art form is still popular today. ‘Kabuki’ can be roughly translated to ‘bizarre,’ and while it is a spectacle on stage, themes tend to focus on moral lessons and matters of the heart.Likened to watching plays by Shakespeare, it’s a dramatic art form that keeps evolving.

In fact, Australia is home to the longest regular kabuki performances outside of Japan in the form of the Za Kabuki Troupe based at ANU.

The Art Gallery of NSW will present a five part lecture series, including talks from leading academics such asDr Shun Ikeda on topics ranging from ‘Song, Dance, Skill: An Introduction to Kabuki’ to ‘The Allure of Gender-Bending Musical Theatre.’

For the full program head to the Japan Foundation Of Sydney website. The talks will occur onJuly 23 and August 6, 13, 20 & 27, and are free with RSVP

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