He’s arguably the most mystical figure in rock’n’roll history. Robert Johnson, the man who sold his soul to the devil and learned to play the blues, died some 75 years ago – and yet is still talked about in hushed tones of reverence by musicians everywhere.

A group of Sydney’s finest blues artists is getting together this month to remember Johnson’s life and times. On the bill are Spencer Jones, Clayton Doley (The Hands, Jimmy Barnes), Adam Pringle, Cass Eager, Johnny Cass, Ben Edwards and George Brugmans. The Robert Johnson Blues Foundation has endorsed the gigs, providing a guitar signed by Johnson’s son Claude, will which be raffled off at the shows.

See A Night At The Crossroads – A Tribute To Robert Johnson at Lizotte’s, Dee Why on Thursday March 27, and the Lewisham Hotel on Friday March 28.

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