A brand new exhibition is heading Sydney way.

A new exhibition by acclaimed artist Rachel Wells is heading to Sydney. The digital and mixed-media artworks in the Reverie – A Place to Contemplate exhibition were created from the Sydney based artist’s personal musings, and the exhibition will be opened by renowned mixed-media artist Susan O’Doherty.

Wells’ inspiration struck when she unearthed the travel albums of her great, great aunts, who travelled around the globe between World War I and World War II. Wells utilised the tiny photographs and postcards and creatively combined these elements with scans of grainy gardening books from the 1970s to produce hyperreal digital photographic montages. The artworks feature ghostly, faded sepia images detailing landcapes and faces that were influenced by the artist’s ponderings concerning memory. The audience is invited to question whether memories simply disappear when a person passes, or whether they are stored somewhere.

Rachel Wells’Reverie – A Place To Contemplate exhbition will run from Thursday August 25, 6-9pm – Sunday September 18 at Kensington Contemporary.

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