1.The First RecordI Bought

It was either Veruca Salt’s American Thighs (amazing) or That Dog’s Totally Crushed Out! (equally amazing, underrated ’90s classic).I was right into angsty female-fronted rock bands, but I’m a total sucker for melody so these bands were my go-to.

2.The Last RecordI Bought

Mick Turner’s latest record, Don’t Tell The Driver, on vinyl at the gig. Vinyl is my weakness after a good gig. It used to be merch – now I gotta have the vinyl. It’s an amazing record from a beautiful musician. Pretty great painter too.

3.The First Thing I Recorded

I think I started taping
myself making little radio shows on a crusty old boom box from the shed (which is funny as I really do host a radio show now), and I used to sing my own songs between segments. A one-woman show! They were ridiculously naive… but someone must’ve said a kind word about them ’cause I kept going.

4.The Last Thing I Recorded

My first solo record, In Tongues! It’s been a long, exciting and challenging process but I’m so glad that I’ve done it. I’m loving sharing this new sound and material with my audience – it’s slightly darker and more intense than my musical output in the past, and so far the reaction has been excellent. It’s my coming-of-age record (I’m a late bloomer).

5.The Record That ChangedMy Life

I go back to PJ Harvey’s Rid Of Me. A lot. She reminds me of the artist I want to be, and what you can be and do if you play your natural game. Experimental, but mostly rooted in classic blues, rock and even pop elements. Though the album I’ve probably listened to most in my life is Siamese Dream. My teenage obsession.

Ella Hooper with Jack Colwell & The Owls and Gena Rose Bruce atThe Vanguard onSaturday March 29.

In Tonguesout Friday June 28.

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