1. The First Record I Bought
The first records I got were probably the first three Police albums and [Michael Jackson’s] Off The Wall when I was about four. All of these records were life-changing. I was a massive fan of The Police (family influences) and with their jazz and reggae stylings they really laid the foundations for the music styles I love. As for Off The Wall, I mean, I listen to ‘Rock With You’ most days of the week and Quincy Jones set a new blueprint for arrangement.

2. The Last Record I Bought
The last records I bought were Kowton’s ‘H-Street’, The Special Request, Om Unit and Machinedrum LPs. Working at The Record Store means I get piles of new records every week but these are all amazing in their bass and beat explorations – which are pretty much my main fascinations when it comes to DJing – all the while being what I like to call ‘past referencing future music’. And yes, they are all on vinyl.

3. The First Thing I Recorded
My first release was for a Canadian label called JungleX; a riddim called ‘Conscious Rebel Music’ – named so as the beginning of a journey for a label of the same name. I’m still very proud of it – in all its amen-fuelled, horn-led glory.

4. The Last Thing I Recorded
The most recent releases I’ve had this year are under both my Ritual (DnB) and Tape2Tape (bass music) monikers for Inna Riddim. The Ritual release ‘Send For The New Gun / Dub Skies’ shows a more rugged step for me than usual, with ‘Send’ being a bass pounding call to arms, while ‘Dub Skies’ switches for a more atmospheric journey. The Tape2Tape release starts off with ‘Hit ’Em’ which is pure 808 vibes and ‘Ya Know’ which takes UK funky on a techno route. I’m supremely happy these are on Inna Riddim also. A really excellent label.

5. The Record That Changed My Life
Jimi Hendrix – Band Of Gypsys. This probably seems like an odd fit given everything above but the first time I heard it, it was simply the sound of a man’s soul coming out via his instrument – with a drummer and bass player so aligned with it that it was as if they were all as one. The fact that this is live and so unbelievably perfect inspires me to this day. Ultimately I want to apply my soul to every facet of my music, from DJing to making music and even to appreciating it. This record takes that application to another level. It opened the door to what’s possible.

Image: Warren Rivas

Ritual plays the DnB Double Header at Chinese Laundry on Friday January 3.

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