1.Growing Up

Growing up in the Wolfe household was all about music. Dad was a drummer and played every weekend around the pubs and clubs of Tasmania. We lived on the family fruit farm where the weekends as kids were spent on the farm working with Dad, then driving into town where we would help unload his drums into whatever venue he was playing that night. If we had been good we were allowed to have a hit.


There are so many favourite musicians in the band. A big one, collectively, is Metallica. We were all in high school together playing ‘Master Of Puppets’ or ‘Ride The Lightning’ at school assemblies. We learnt our instruments playing that stuff. I can remember when I saved up all my money to buy Metallica’s Cunning Stunts on VHS. It was 45 bucks back then… Now we have YouTube! At the same time, I love John Farnham; that man has never done a bad gig or performance. He is constantly positive, hardworking and gives everything he has got to the audience. Like the music or not, got to respect that.

3.Your Band

We all met in school. We actually all lived on the same road. We have always played together. From our heavy metal stage, our glam rock stage, everything! We went through it all together. We all have the same goals and dreams for this band. Musically we are all very similar and listen to a very broad range of stuff. Traditional country, country rock, metal, rock’n’roll, current hits, whatever. It keeps us fresh. We are currently working with a producer from the States called Luke Wooten. This guy really gets the band. He just finished working with Brad Paisley before flying out to record our new album.

4.The Music You Make

We have always considered ourselves a country rock act. There are a lot of country influences and rock influences in this band. When we write and record, it all comes out. We put our first album out in January 2013 and have pretty much lived on the road since. We love playing live and we love the challenge of converting a new audience. There is a lot of energy in our show. It is all about fun and good times and letting your hair down. Everybody deserves a night off.

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

I think the music scene at the moment is great. There are a lot of killer acts out there. Live music is still alive and well. People don’t buy as many albums anymore, which is a little sad. I personally love the experience of buying an album and reading the all the info in the booklet and checking out the artwork. That doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore. But there are other cool ways to make your music available to everyone.

The Wolfe Brothers are withMorgan Evans Band atThe Roller Den onSunday April 6.

Also appearing at Miranda Hotel on Friday April 4; The Small Ballroom, Newcastle on Saturday April 5; and the Penrith Working Truck Show on Sunday April 6.

It’s Onout now through ABC/Universal.

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