When comfort and relaxation are of the utmost importance, we turn to certain havens. Afternoon strolls beside a lake, evenings undisturbed with a good book, binge watching the latest Netflix series… and of course, Q Dining.

Q Dining is perched on the mezzanine level of the Pullman Quay Grand, overlooking East Circular Quay.


Boasting chic modern interiors of muted steel tones and contemporary design, Q Dining’s ambience is extended further with floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking the bustling harbour. Nestled above the action below there is an immediate sense of calm amid the thriving metropolis.


Q Dining’s culinary offerings are led by executive chef Stefan Brademann. Brademann’s 18-year career has seen him bring his extensive, innovative and locally sourced approach to cooking to all new heights – and the proof is in the palate. 


Living by its motto, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness,” Q Dining starts bringing the joy from morsel one. 


 Q Dining - Amuse Bouche

Above: Amuse Bouche


The charcuterie spread ranges from cured Spanish salami to juniper and red wine-infused Wagyu beef, wild boar and duck wrapped in pastry, and rabbit slow-cooked in duck fat. Suffice to say, paralysis of choice begins early and doesn’t cease. The wild boar and duck is moist and flavoursome, effortlessly collaborating with the pastry, while the rabbit is consumed with enamoured intensity. 


The first course sees you choose between a host of the sea’s greatest bounty; Sydney rock oysters, seared scallops and Mooloolaba prawns dance about before your eyes. The seared scallops partnered with creamed rice and pork hock create a textural and flavour combination that, surprisingly, remains smooth and light. 


As a main, the Rangers Valley flank with aubergine, mustard leaf, mushroom ketchup and sesame brings together Australia’s excellence in produce in a full and nuanced dish. The beef flank cooked medium is tender and organically rich, and coupled with the mustard and mushroom notes, the flavour points are in a happily active dialogue that entice and satisfy.


 Q Dining - Rangers valley flank, aubergine, must

Above: Rangers valley flank, aubergine, mustard leaf, mushroom ketchup, sesame


And then it was said, let there be dessert! The aerated chocolate parfait with chocolate sorbet and raspberries is a world of activity and voice. The saucy notes of alcohol meet with deep and smooth touches of jazzy chocolate to make this dish a song and dance of merriment.


 Q Dining - Aerated chocolate parfait, sorbet, ra

Above: Aerated chocolate parfait, sorbet, raspberries


As an accompaniment, the cauliflower with currants and beurre noisette brings crisp and edgy flavour profiles. The relationship of the crumbling coating and the fresh cauliflower offers an innovative modern twist to the serving of this vegetable. 


As to the wine choice, there is an extensive range with flavours galore, including varieties from every cape and altitude, and from domestic and international soil. You can take a trip around the world in your glass, indeed. From sparkling wine to deep, deep reds, Pinot Gris to the demure sherry, Q Dining houses them all, ready to lithely swill about your cup. 


The service is consistent with attentive, personable and informed waitstaff; any questions regarding wine pairings and ingredients are pleasantly answered. 


Q Dining, a hallowed place of respite for the hungry soul and belly. Get thou to its table.


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$$: $10-20

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$$$$: $35-50

$$$$$: $50+

Q Dining is located on the Mezzanine Level of Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour, 61 Macquarie St, Sydney. To make a booking or for more info go to the Pullman Quay Grand’s website.

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