When listening to Sally Seltmann, it’s hard not to picture a woman romanticising the idea of having her head in the clouds, wearing her heart on her sleeve, and filling her days with dreams. Her album Hey Daydreamer conveys just that. With a waltzy march sound underpinning almost every song, Seltmann has crafted songs of witty stories and characters with a sound that sweeps you up, and before long you’re lost in the album.

Aside from the light-hearted exuberance flowing throughout the record, Seltmann also deals with some heavy topics. ‘Dear Mr Heartless’ comes as an open letter of rejection to heartbreak and unreciprocated feelings, with ‘I Will Not Wear Your Wedding Ring’ taking the opposite side of the coin, an anthem of protest against abandoning independence for matrimonial subjugation. ‘Catch Of The Day’ carries on the topic in a more cheerful tone: “I’m not going to live my life being told who I’m supposed to be.”

A strong theme of independence comes through the album, and this is perhaps the reason behind Seltmann’s love of daydreaming: dreams require only one person, but can hold the entire world.

A wonderful album of joy and sunshine, Hey Daydreamer is a joyous and irresistible listen.

4/5 stars.

Hey Daydreamer is available now through Caroline.

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