What happens when the rustic traditions of folk and blues meet the sonic adventuring of minimalist music? The answer is Seagull – the evolving brainchild of classically trained guitarist Chris Bolton.

Beginning as a solo project in 2006, the first Seagull EP was released in 2007 to critical acclaim, while, after adding new members, 2010 album Council Tree was awarded Triple R Album of the Week. Last year the band released its third album Ocean From Above, this time adding PBS’ Album of the Week to their long list of critical commendation.

Seagull is nowcomprised of Chris Bolton on vocals and guitar,Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Otuoto) on drums, Ed Bolton on bass, Lawrence Greenwood on guitar (Whitley), Nick Browning on keys, and Ruby Green on vocals and clarinet.

Catch them playing songs from their latest album at the Ocean From Above Vinyl Release Party at Goodgod Small Club on Thursday January 16.

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