Instrumental music is a tough gig. Connecting with people without the aid of the obvious emotive content and sing-along nature of vocals and lyrics to spell things out is difficult. The artists that ply this trade have to be ridiculously good at what they do to gain any kind of traction amongst the record-buying and gig-going public. Well, that’s exactly what we have here.

This Sydney four-piece astounded all who heard them with their previous album, …And So We Destroyed Everything back in 2011. Now, with Love Of Cartography, sleepmakeswaves step things up a notch again. Lovers of the previous record may find it difficult to believe, but this new album is superior in just about every facet. It is bigger, more sweeping, more epic, more interesting, and takes the captivated listener to even bolder soundscapes than ever before.

Whilst the previous record had the occasional flat spot across its epic length, there are no such moments here. Every track is compelling; every piece carries you away to a different place of musical wonder.

These guys are simply one of the absolute elite instrumental rock acts on the planet today. They deliver rock music that is interesting and complex, ambient and simple, and catchy as hell, all at once.


Love Of Cartographyis out now through Bird’s Robe / MGM.

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