1. What do you look for in a band?

Lots of harmonies and lots of subtle layers. I also think that less is more most of the time(I sound like my high school art teacher right now). It can be tempting to get carried away trying to write really complicated music but a lot of the time the simplest thing can sound the best.

2. Keeping Busy?

Over summer we were playing heaps of gigs just trying to get comfortable on stage, but for the last few months we’ve pretty much stopped gigging to record our debut EP, which has been pretty exciting. Our sound has actually changed quite a bit in the recording process as we’ve been able to experiment with percussion and different instrumentation and things, and we’re now playing with a full band to replicate the sound of the recordings, whereas we used to perform with just acoustic guitars and a stomp box. I think at this stage we’re all itching to release the rest of the EP so that’s what’s coming in the next few months!

3. Best Gig Ever?

My favourite gig that we’ve played so far would definitely be the Secret Garden Festival. It’s such a magical festival and we had so much fun on and off stage. We were the opening band and it was awesome watching the crowd pour in and start exploring the festival as we were playing. That said, we’ve played a lot of pretty dodgy gigs. Once we played a gig in the back kitchen area of a pub in a tiny space about one metre squared. Liz was standing behind a giant pole, the sound cut out half way through and our audience comprised of two babies in prams and their mums.

4. Current Playlist

At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Big Scary, Vance Joy and Tim Fitz, while also counting down the days until the new Cloud Control album is released! When I find a song or album I love I tend to just listen to it on repeat for weeks on end. The other day I listened to ‘Handmade’ by alt-J for an entire three hour driveā€¦just the one song, on repeat. I’m somehow not sick of it (yet) though!

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Hmm, I’m going to have to say Tim Tams and mulled wine. Wintery treats! Yum.

Boardwalks single launch at The Vanguard on Thursday August 8.

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