1. What do you look for in band?

We try to play music that people can get involved in rather than just listen to, and we really enjoy that crowd interaction when we play, to see those in the audience enjoying it just as much as we are. We’d like fans to leave our live show and feel like they’ve had an experience, rather than just have seen us play. Although, if we had to marry the perfect band combo we would get the enthusiasm of the Vampire Weekend rhythm section with the skills of the piano/drummer guy in Half Moon Run and the songwriting abilities of Paul Simon…or the girls from Haim or The Staves – they’re well lovely.

2. Keeping Busy?

We’ve been working hard on preparations for the release of our second EP Lone Survivor, which is out on July 12. We also did an east coast backyard tour for the release of the first single ‘Rosie’, which sold out (very surprising!), and we’ll be touring nationally for the release of the EP in August and September. We’ve been doing some home demo recordings of some really new songs recently too, which is exciting.

3. Best Gig Ever?

Our debut EP launch in March last year. We booked The Gaelic in Surry Hills, which had a capacity of 600. We would have been over the moon if 250 people turned up, but we ended up selling it out and the atmosphere was unbelievable. And a fun fact is that we were actually the last live music act ever to play on that stage before it became whatever it is now (not actually sure what it is now, haven’t been back).

4. Current Playlist?

In Australia, we’re loving Matt Corby’s new song ‘Resolution’, it’s class. Really glad to see he’s backing up with more of the goods. In terms of live acts, we played with Ball Park Music a few months ago, and they were incredible.

5. Your Ultimate Rider?

Our keys player Neely has the tendency to overheat, so we’d have an industrial size fan on the list. Our bass-man Joe would have the entire Wests Tigers team in the Green Room post-gig (purely for sports-chat, no weird fetishes here, man). Pat the drummer just likes girls and mayonnaise, although not together. Tom the guitarist would order ten years worth of strings and picks, because his pockets don’t have bottoms…none of them. And Bede the singer would just like a club sandwich and the Karate Kid box set on the TV. Our Keith Moon coke addictions haven’t started yet, but talk to us in a few years and things might be different.

Castlecomer playOxford Art Factory on Thursday August 1.Lone SurvivorEP out now through Green Distribution.

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