1.Your Profile

Ripped leather, whisky and cigarette smoke. Dirty rock’n’roll dipped in a healthy dose of gutter sludge. This is the type of music we love and what we play. We basically just make music that will sound good live and something that we would all love to go see ourselves and drink booze, get loose and jump around to.

2.Keeping Busy

For the past three months we have emerged from the dark alleys and back streets of the abyss in an alcohol-induced haze, invigorated and motivated to deliver our souls to rock’n’roll. So we have been rehearsing our arses off, playing the odd gig and writing new songs. We have been promoting the first single, ‘Throw It Away’, from our debut EP which is out now and we are looking to head back into the studio soon.

3.Best Gig Ever

The best gig we’ve played is always the last one and the next one. The last one we played was at the Oxford Art Factory with Little Odessa and a bunch of other up-and-coming bands. This was our first gig with our new bass player who has come in and made us the formidable beast we are today, so this was a special one for us. Obviously we killed it thanks to a great crowd and it was a good warm-up for what will no doubt be the greatest gig we’ve ever played coming up on May 10 at The Bald Faced Stag.

4.Current Playlist

On heavy rotation at the moment is anything from Queens of the Stone Age. I saw them when they were out here with Nine Inch Nails and they are as good as it gets. Not much else gets through at the moment. I am just on the search for any bands that deliver some danger in their music. A lot of it now is all posturing and pre-fabricated garbage, which is what good music rebels against.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

My ultimate rider would be to have Jesus backstage whispering words of encouragement in one ear and have the devil in the other ear telling me what a low down filthy beast I am. Get the internal struggle going before hitting the stage.

Zoo City Lads will be playing at the Bald Faced Stag on Saturday May 10, tickets available online.

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