1. Your Profile

Hey there, we’re just three lonely guys looking for some fun. We only date as a three-piece – if you want one you get us all. Hopefully we won’t disappoint you, but we’re not making any promises. Don’t forget to tell all your friends about us.


2. Keeping Busy

We’ve just been touring the new single ‘Lost Cause’ around Australia, which will be featured on the upcoming record. We have spent the last few months writing as many songs as we can, so we can pick the best of the best. We each took a little holiday in January but are getting straight down to business now that we’ve returned refreshed and ready.


3. Best Gig Ever

The best gig we’ve ever played was definitely the launch of our single ‘Lost Cause’ at Oxford Art Factory with our friends Borneo in September last year. We sold it out and then some, the place was heaving and there was a great vibe. Everyone was boogieing and singing, it was an outstanding audience, and a good-looking one at that. On the very same tour we went regional, which was a bit ambitious and probably against our better judgement. It certainly brought us back down to earth a little as there were only a handful of people – literally, you could touch the whole audience with one hand.


4. Current Playlist

Right now we’re listening to an array of things. Loving lots of The Growlers, DMA’s, Creedence Clearwater Revival. Recently went to Dope Lemon and the whole show – lighting and visuals especially – was dope.


5. Your Ultimate Rider

Our usual rider is just some cold beers and some sort of snack. But the ultimate rider, eh? Chicken wings, ribs, sweet potato chips, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, rum, whisky, Scotch, ginger beer, fresh apple juice, fresh pairs of socks, a cabinet of bandanas and scarves to choose from, a pack horse, two Roman candle fireworks, bonsai tree, Chinese checker board, oven mitts, hand-stitched flag (any flag), a Spanish language teacher, a box of puppies and a smoothie machine. One day… one day.

Sons Of The East play Moonshine Bar, Hotel Steyne on Thursday February 9.

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